Application Writing Sample

Application Writing Sample

Writing a strong application is crucial when applying for jobs, scholarships, or college admissions. Your application is the first impression you make, so it’s important to make it stand out. This article will provide you with valuable tips and examples to help you write a compelling application that will increase your chances of success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Highlight your strengths and relevant experiences.
  • Customize your application for each specific opportunity.
  • Be clear, concise, and organized in your writing.

When writing your application, focus on highlighting your key strengths and relevant experiences. Tailor your application to each specific opportunity, emphasizing the skills and qualities that make you a strong candidate for that particular position or program. By customizing your application, you show that you have taken the time to understand what the organization or institution is looking for, making you more likely to catch their attention.

Keep in mind that clarity, conciseness, and organization are essential in application writing. Use clear and concise language to convey your ideas effectively. Break down your application into sections or paragraphs, making it easy to read and understand. Use bullet points and numbered lists to present information in a structured and organized manner, which will help the reader grasp key points quickly.

Using strong action verbs can bring life to your application and make it more engaging to read. Instead of saying “I was responsible for managing a team,” use a sentence like “I successfully led a team of 10 members to achieve project goals and deliver excellent results.”

Highlight Your Accomplishments

One effective way to make your application standout is by highlighting your accomplishments. Create a section in your application dedicated to your achievements, whether they are academic, professional, or personal. Use bullet points or numbers to list these accomplishments, providing brief descriptions and concrete examples whenever possible. This will demonstrate your track record of success and showcase your qualifications to the reviewer.

Field Accomplishment
Academics Graduated with honors
Professional Increased departmental revenue by 20%
Personal Raised $10,000 for a charity event

Show Your Passion and Goals

Employers and institutions want to see that you are passionate about what you are applying for. Use your application to express your enthusiasm and articulate your goals. Explain why you are interested in the opportunity and how it aligns with your long-term objectives. This will demonstrate that you have a clear vision and are motivated to make a meaningful contribution.

Furthermore, illustrating how the opportunity will help you grow personally and professionally will also strengthen your application. Highlight any specific skills or knowledge you hope to gain and explain how they will contribute to your future success.

Passion Goals
Environmental conservation Become an advocate for sustainable practices
Marketing Start my own digital marketing agency
Education Promote accessible education for all


Writing a strong application requires careful thought and attention to detail. By following the tips provided in this article, you can create an impressive application that effectively showcases your qualifications and increases your chances of success. Remember to tailor your application for each opportunity, highlight your accomplishments, express your passion and goals, and present your strengths and experiences in a clear and organized manner. This will help you make a strong impression and stand out among other applicants.

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception 1: A longer application essay is always better

One common misconception people have about application writing is that a longer essay will automatically impress the admissions committee. However, length does not necessarily correlate with quality. In fact, shorter essays that are concise and well-crafted can often make a stronger impression. Admissions officers value clarity, relevance, and a compelling narrative more than a long-winded essay.

  • Quality matters more than quantity in application essays.
  • Shorter essays can often be more powerful and impactful.
  • Admissions officers appreciate a well-crafted narrative rather than a lengthy essay.

Misconception 2: Including too many achievements is impressive

Another misconception is that including every single accomplishment in an application essay will impress the admissions committee. While it is important to highlight your achievements, bombarding the essay with too many accomplishments can make it appear unfocused and overwhelming. It is crucial to prioritize the most relevant and meaningful achievements that directly relate to your goals and aspirations.

  • Quality over quantity applies to achievements in application essays.
  • Prioritize the most relevant and meaningful accomplishments.
  • A focused and well-selected set of achievements is more impressive than a laundry list of accomplishments.

Misconception 3: Using complex language and elaborate vocabulary is essential

Many applicants mistakenly believe that using complex language and elaborate vocabulary in their application essays will elevate their writing and impress the admissions committee. However, the goal of the essay is not to showcase your knowledge of obscure words, but rather to communicate effectively and authentically. Using plain language and expressing your thoughts clearly and concisely is often more impressive.

  • The purpose of the essay is effective communication, not demonstrating vocabulary skills.
  • Clear and concise language is often more impressive than complex vocabulary.
  • Authenticity is key in application essays, so focus on conveying your thoughts genuinely.

Misconception 4: It’s best to include a sob story in the essay

Some applicants believe that sharing a sob story or revealing personal hardships will garner sympathy from the admissions committee and increase their chances of acceptance. However, while overcoming challenges can be a powerful theme in an essay, it is important to strike a balance. Focusing solely on hardships without demonstrating personal growth, resilience, and future aspirations may not leave a lasting positive impression.

  • Overcoming challenges can be a powerful theme, but balance is important.
  • Highlight personal growth, resilience, and future aspirations alongside hardships.
  • A well-rounded narrative is more impactful than just a sob story.

Misconception 5: The application essay should be solely about academic achievements

Another common misconception is that the application essay should solely focus on academic achievements and qualifications. While it is important to demonstrate your academic capabilities, admissions committees also look for well-rounded individuals with diverse interests, passions, and experiences. Use the essay as an opportunity to showcase your personality, extracurricular involvements, and unique perspectives.

  • Highlight both academic achievements and non-academic aspects of your life.
  • Showcase your personality, interests, and diverse experiences.
  • Admissions committees value a well-rounded individual, not just academic qualifications.
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Job Market Growth by Industry

The table below illustrates the growth of the job market across various industries from 2016 to 2021. The data showcases the percentage increase in employment opportunities in each industry over the five-year period.

Industry Job Market Growth (%)
Technology 47%
Healthcare 32%
Financial Services 29%
Construction 25%
Education 21%

Top 5 Fastest-Growing Companies Worldwide (2021)

Presented below are the top five fastest-growing companies globally based on their revenue growth rate. The table highlights the impressive expansion achieved by these organizations in just one year.

Company Revenue Growth Rate (%)
ABC Tech 278%
XYZ Pharma 212%
123 Finance 189%
Globe Services 174%
Venture Automotive 156%

Global Renewable Energy Consumption

This table displays the global consumption of renewable energy sources in 2020. It showcases the total energy supply sourced from renewables and the percentage it represents of the total energy consumption.

Renewable Energy Source Total Energy Supply (TWh) % of Total Energy Consumption
Solar 620 1.7%
Wind 1,271 3.5%
Hydro 3,051 8.3%
Biomass 1,187 3.2%
Geothermal 97 0.3%

Gender Diversity in Boardrooms

This table provides insights into the representation of women in boardrooms across different countries. It presents the percentage of board seats held by women in each country, highlighting the progress towards achieving gender equality in corporate leadership.

Country % of Board Seats Held by Women
Norway 42%
France 38%
Sweden 33%
New Zealand 31%
Canada 28%

Global Smartphone Market Share (2021)

This table showcases the market share of leading smartphone manufacturers on a global scale. It highlights the presence of various brands and their dominance in the highly competitive smartphone industry.

Manufacturer Market Share (%)
Apple 20%
Samsung 18%
Xiaomi 15%
Oppo 10%
Huawei 8%

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Cars (2021)

The following table presents the top five eco-friendly cars available in the market based on their fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions. These vehicles contribute to minimizing environmental impact while providing sustainable transportation options.

Car Model Fuel Efficiency (MPG) CO2 Emissions (g/Km)
ABC Electric 120 0
XYZ Hybrid 80 50
123 Plug-in 100 30
Greener Diesel 70 80
Electric Dreams 90 20

Global Internet Users (2021)

This table presents the number of internet users worldwide as of 2021. It highlights the vast reach of the internet and its impact on global connectivity and communication.

Region Number of Internet Users (in billions)
Asia-Pacific 2.6
Europe 0.8
North America 0.4
Latin America 0.3
Africa 0.5

Global Tourism Revenue (2021)

The table below displays the estimated revenue generated from international tourism worldwide in 2021. It emphasizes the economic significance of the travel and tourism industry and its contribution to global GDP.

Region Tourism Revenue (in billions USD)
Europe 950
Asia-Pacific 800
Americas 700
Africa 250
Middle East 200

In conclusion, the tables presented in this article offer a glimpse into various aspects of our rapidly evolving world. They provide data on job market growth, market dominance of companies, renewable energy consumption, gender diversity in corporate boardrooms, market share of smartphone manufacturers, eco-friendly car options, internet usage, and tourism revenue. These tables highlight the incredible progress and emerging trends across different sectors, enabling us to understand and navigate the dynamic landscapes of our globalized society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an application writing sample?

An application writing sample is a document submitted by an individual as part of their application for a job, scholarship, or educational program. It is used to showcase their writing skills, critical thinking ability, and knowledge on a specific topic. The sample is typically requested by the organization or institution to assess the applicant’s suitability for the opportunity.

Why is an application writing sample important?

An application writing sample is important as it allows the hiring committee or admissions officers to evaluate an applicant’s written communication skills. It provides insights into the applicant’s ability to articulate ideas, organize thoughts, and convey information effectively. A strong writing sample can significantly enhance an applicant’s chances of getting selected for a job or program.

What should I include in an application writing sample?

An application writing sample should ideally include a well-structured piece of writing that showcases your abilities. It can be an essay, a research paper, a creative writing piece, or any other relevant written work. Make sure to follow any specific guidelines provided by the organization and choose a topic that aligns with the purpose of the application.

How long should an application writing sample be?

The length of an application writing sample varies depending on the specific requirements provided by the organization or institution. In general, it is recommended to aim for a length of around 500-1000 words. However, always check the guidelines as some applications may have specific word limits or page requirements.

Can I use a previously written document as my application writing sample?

Yes, you can use a previously written document as your application writing sample, as long as it meets the requirements of the application. However, it is important to ensure that the chosen piece is still relevant, well-written, and showcases your current abilities. If needed, you can make revisions to the document to tailor it to the specific requirements or topic.

Should I include references or citations in my application writing sample?

The inclusion of references or citations in an application writing sample depends on the specific requirements provided by the organization or institution. If citations are allowed or required, make sure to follow the appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA). However, if no guidelines are provided, it is generally acceptable to omit references or citations for brevity unless specifically asked otherwise.

What should I do to make my application writing sample stand out?

To make your application writing sample stand out, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a compelling and relevant topic
  • Ensure your writing is clear, concise, and well-organized
  • Showcase your unique perspective and critical thinking skills
  • Edit and proofread your sample for grammar and spelling errors
  • Consider seeking feedback from a trusted mentor or advisor

Can I submit multiple application writing samples?

The acceptance of multiple application writing samples depends on the specific requirements and guidelines provided by the organization or institution. In most cases, it is best to follow the instructions and submit a single, strong writing sample that aligns with the purpose of the application. However, if the guidelines allow or request multiple samples, you may consider submitting additional relevant pieces.

Should I include personal experiences in my application writing sample?

Including personal experiences in your application writing sample can be beneficial, especially if they relate to the topic or are used to illustrate a particular point. However, it is important to strike a balance between personal anecdotes and maintaining a professional tone. Always consider the purpose and requirements of the application, as well as the level of formality expected by the organization or institution.

Can I get professional help to prepare my application writing sample?

While it is generally advisable to create your application writing sample on your own, seeking guidance from a professional writing tutor or mentor can be helpful. They can provide feedback, suggest improvements, and help you ensure that your sample is well-written and effectively conveys your ideas. However, it is important to remember that the content and ideas in the sample should be your own.

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