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Common Misconceptions – Make YouTube App Play in Background

Common Misconceptions

1. YouTube App cannot play in the background

One common misconception that people have is that the YouTube app cannot play in the background. However, this is not true as there are several methods and workarounds to enable background playback.

  • Using a third-party app or browser extension
  • Downloading YouTube videos and playing them in a separate media player app
  • Using YouTube Premium, a subscription service by YouTube that allows background playback

2. Background playback drains battery faster

Another misconception is that playing YouTube videos in the background will drain the device battery at a faster rate. While it is true that playing videos consumes battery power, modern devices and software optimizations have been made to minimize this impact.

  • Lowering the screen brightness and turning on power-saving mode can help reduce battery drain
  • Using headphones or external speakers instead of relying on the device’s built-in speakers can also help conserve battery
  • Closing unnecessary apps and reducing multitasking can further optimize battery usage

3. Background playback is not available for all devices

Some people believe that background playback is only available for certain devices or operating systems. However, this is not completely true as it largely depends on the method used to enable background playback.

  • Different third-party apps and browser extensions may have different compatibility with devices and operating systems
  • YouTube Premium is available on various platforms including both Android and iOS
  • Downloading videos for offline playback is a universal method that can be used on most devices

4. Background playback violates YouTube’s terms of service

Some people mistakenly assume that enabling background playback on the YouTube app is against YouTube’s terms of service and may result in consequences. However, this is not the case as long as you are within the allowed boundaries.

  • Using YouTube Premium is the official and legal method provided by YouTube for background playback
  • Third-party apps and browser extensions may have their own terms and conditions, so it’s important to use trusted sources
  • Downloading videos for offline playback is generally allowed by YouTube, but redistribution or commercial use may be prohibited

5. Background playback always requires an internet connection

Lastly, many individuals mistakenly believe that background playback requires a constant internet connection. While this is often the case, there are methods to enable background playback without relying on an internet connection.

  • Downloading videos for offline playback allows you to play them in the background even when there’s no internet access
  • Certain third-party apps or browser extensions may offer caching features that enable background playback without internet connectivity
  • Using YouTube Premium’s offline playback feature allows you to play videos in the background without an internet connection

Image of Make YouTube App Play in Background

YouTube: A Popular Video Streaming Platform

YouTube is a widely popular video streaming platform that allows users to upload, share, and view various types of videos. With its extensive library, it has become a go-to source for entertainment, education, and much more. The following tables provide interesting data and insights about YouTube and its usage.

Video Upload Activity by Users

This table showcases the upload activity of YouTube users over the past decade. It highlights the immense growth of content creation and the increasing number of videos being uploaded to the platform.

Year Number of Videos Uploaded (in billions)
2011 48
2012 623
2013 1,446
2014 3,874
2015 8,000
2016 24,600
2017 44,000
2018 64,000
2019 101,000
2020 171,000

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos

This table showcases the ten most viewed videos on YouTube of all time. It depicts the astonishing popularity and reach of these videos among YouTube users worldwide.

Rank Video Title Views (in billions)
1 “Baby Shark Dance” 10.67
2 “Despacito” 7.49
3 “Shape of You” 5.08
4 “See You Again” 4.95
5 “Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster” 4.45
6 “Johny Johny Yes Papa” 4.41
7 “Uptown Funk” 4.16
8 “Gangnam Style” 4.01
9 “Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm” 3.80
10 “Sorry” 3.37

Global YouTube Usage Statistics

This table provides an overview of YouTube’s global usage statistics, highlighting the number of active users, hours of video watched daily, and the average time spent on the platform.

Number of Active Users (monthly) Hours of Video Watched Daily Average Time Spent per User (daily)
2 billion 1 billion 40 minutes

YouTube’s Most Popular Categories

This table showcases the most popular categories of content on YouTube. It sheds light on the diverse interests and preferences of YouTube users.

Category Percentage of Total Views
Music 49%
Gaming 20%
Entertainment 14%
How-to & Educational 11%
Others 6%

YouTube’s Revenue Sources

This table highlights the various revenue sources of YouTube, demonstrating the platform’s diversified business model and its significant contribution to the parent company’s revenue.

Revenue Source Percentage of Total Revenue
Advertising 86%
YouTube Premium Subscriptions 11%
Content Partnerships & Licensing 3%

YouTube’s Global Reach

This table presents the countries with the highest number of YouTube users, showcasing the global impact and popularity of the platform across various regions.

Rank Country Number of Users (in millions)
1 United States 197
2 India 180
3 Japan 102
4 Russia 85
5 Brazil 81

YouTube’s Impact on Society

This table highlights ways in which YouTube has made a significant impact on society, from providing educational content to creating global stars.

Impact Description
Education YouTube serves as a valuable platform for educational content, offering tutorials, lectures, and informative videos on a wide range of subjects.
Entertainment YouTube provides unlimited entertainment options, with numerous creators and performers gaining popularity through the platform.
Global Reach YouTube allows people from all corners of the world to connect, share their culture, and build a global community.
Inspiration Many creators and artists on YouTube inspire others to pursue their passions, leading to the discovery of new talents and skills.

YouTube’s Demographic Data

This table presents demographic data related to YouTube users, providing insights into the age and gender distribution on the platform.

Age Group Percentage of Users
13-17 21%
18-24 34%
25-34 26%
35-44 10%
45+ 9%

The Impact of YouTube on Advertising

This table depicts the effect of YouTube on the advertising industry, highlighting its increasing importance as an advertising platform.

Statistic Description
Mobile Advertising YouTube has become one of the leading platforms for mobile advertising, reaching a vast audience through mobile devices.
Targeted Ads Advertisers can leverage YouTube’s extensive user data to deliver targeted ads, increasing ad relevance and user engagement.
Video Ad Spending The video ad spending on YouTube has been on a consistent rise, reflecting the industry’s recognition of its advertising potential.

YouTube has revolutionized the way we consume and share videos, firmly establishing itself as a dominant force in the online entertainment industry. Its vast user base, extensive video library, and revenue generation through advertising and other sources make it an integral part of our digital lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Make YouTube App Play in Background

How can I make the YouTube app play in the background?

To make the YouTube app play in the background, follow these steps:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your device.
  2. Select the video you want to play.
  3. Start playing the video.
  4. Exit the YouTube app by pressing the home button or switching to another app.
  5. The video will pause, but you can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen or access the control center to resume playback.

Does the ability to play YouTube in the background work on all devices?

No, the ability to play YouTube in the background may vary depending on the device and the operating system you are using. It is best to check the device specifications or consult the documentation of your specific device to see if this feature is supported.

Is there a way to play YouTube in the background on iOS devices?

Yes, on iOS devices, you can play YouTube in the background using the Safari browser. Simply open Safari, go to the YouTube website, start playing a video, and then exit Safari. The audio will continue playing in the background.

Can I play YouTube in the background on Android devices?

Yes, you can play YouTube in the background on Android devices. One method is by using the Chrome browser. Open Chrome, go to the YouTube website, start playing a video, and then exit Chrome. The audio will continue playing in the background. Additionally, some Android devices have a built-in feature that allows YouTube to play in the background while using other apps.

Are there any third-party apps that can make YouTube play in the background?

Yes, there are several third-party apps available that can enable background playback on YouTube. These apps are not officially endorsed by YouTube, so use them at your own discretion and be cautious of potential security risks.

Can I play YouTube videos in the background while using other apps on my computer?

By default, the YouTube website does not support background playback on computers. However, there are browser extensions available for popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that enable background playback. These extensions allow you to play YouTube videos in the background while using other applications on your computer.

Is it legal to use third-party apps or browser extensions to play YouTube in the background?

The legality of using third-party apps or browser extensions to play YouTube in the background can vary depending on your country’s copyright laws and the specific app or extension you are using. Some apps or extensions may violate YouTube’s terms of service or infringe on copyright laws. It is recommended to review your local copyright laws and the terms of service of the app or extension before using them.

Can I play YouTube in the background on smart TVs or media streaming devices?

The ability to play YouTube in the background on smart TVs or media streaming devices depends on the specific device and its operating system. Some devices may have built-in features or apps that allow background playback, while others may not support this feature. It is recommended to check the documentation or manufacturer’s website for your specific device to see if this functionality is available.

Why does YouTube restrict background playback on the mobile app?

YouTube restricts background playback on the mobile app as part of its terms of service and content licensing agreements. This restriction is often implemented to protect the rights of content creators and copyright holders. YouTube also offers a premium subscription service, called YouTube Premium, which allows background playback, offline viewing, and other additional features for a monthly fee.

Is there a way to play YouTube in the background without purchasing YouTube Premium?

Yes, while background playback is not officially supported on the YouTube mobile app without a subscription to YouTube Premium, there are alternative methods available as mentioned earlier in this FAQ. These methods include using web browsers, third-party apps, or browser extensions to achieve background playback without purchasing YouTube Premium.

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